Terms & Conditions of Interchange Guidance

Points for Your Attention in Use

About Service Provision

The interchange guidance service and transport cost search service (hereinafter called “the service”) is based on the time table available at Hakone Tozan Bus Company Limited and provided through the system developed by Jorudan Company Limited.

About Schedule Information

The service does not take irregular occasions caused by temporary and seasonal schedules as well as accidents, meteorological and traffic conditions into account. Please be noted that the bus transport cannot be assured in case of schedule rearrange. The search result of the service is just for your reference as they are not assured for accuracy although all the data in the system are carefully checked by the service. We suggest you confirm beforehand at the bus stops.

About Use Environment

The applicable use environment and recommended browser for search service are listed as follows:

Smart Phone Mode
・iOS: Safari, the Updated Version
・Android: Android4.2 and above

PC Mode
・IE11.0 and above, Safari (The updated version), Chrome (The updated version)

The service will render unusable if your browser is set “do not use JavaScript”.
Please enable JavaScript and search again.


Other issues uncovered in the page will be subject to the rules published on the website of Hakone Tozan Bus.


Range for Object Search

The following transport facilities’ routes are ready for search.

・Odakyu ・Hakone Tozan Bus
・Hakone Tozan Railway
・Hakone Tozan Cablecar
・Hakone Ropeway
・Hakone Sightseeing Cruise
・Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus (partially supported)
・Tokai bus orange shuttle (partially supported)

Besides, you can also search about the transport facilities which have been included in the service system.
※Yet not every kind of transport facility is included in the system.

About Interchange Guidance

Route Search Method

The departure point and destination are designated as follows:

1. Directly input in full-width form the departure point and destination.

2. Select in the Route map Open the retrieval panel and select the bus stop in the route map.
3. Select in the Bus Stops The transport facilities included in the service system are all selectable by inputting their names in the retrieval panel.
4. Select in the transport facility by inputting the facility name in the retrieval panel.

○Search Panel Display

5.Select in the Map
You can set at any location in the area of Hakone as a departure point or destination,and select any kind of transportation or facilities shown on the map.

○Select in the Map

6.Set your departure point and destination at where you leave
At the window “Search By Address”, input any address (within Hakone). The displayable area will move toward the selected location as a center and give a mark.

○Set by Address

Set the Time of Departure and Arrival

1. Click the button on the Dialogue Box to set time and date.

2. Click the button and select the condition to set time and date.
·Search by Departure Time
·Arrival Search by Arrival Time
·First Shift Search the First Shift Route within the Selected Section
·Last Shift Search the Last Shift Route with in the Selected Section

Search Result Confirmation Method

The search result is displayed in a list on the left of the frame, and the real route will be displayed in the map based on your selection in the list.

○Search Result and Route Displayed in the Map

You can confirm on more detailed information by the following operations.

○Result in Details

A Unfold the detailed result  Unfold the detailed result by clicking

B Display the stops on the route  Display the stops on the route by clicking

C Display the timetable  Display the time of departure and arrival at the bus stop you have selected.
D Bus stop location guide  Pick-up locations of the main bus stops are displayed in a new tab.
E Display the map in a new tab

Search again and clear up

When searching, a specific time can be set to find out the routes of the previous and following bus shifts.

·Previous Shift will search the route operated earlier than the time you set.
·Following Shift will search the route operated earlier than the time you set.

And,click “Clear” to reset the time.